While the bulk of my paid work happens to be weddings, I also did 41 other paid shoots this past year of all sorts.  Some were fun, others were more than difficult.  But all in all I did them with gusto, energy and personality.

Not every one of my photo sessions I shoot will win awards or be featured on blogs.  Not all photos I take will bring awe to the public.  But what the photos will do is have sentimental value to the client and reflect their emotions, family and style.   And that’s what is most important.  Making clients happy before satisfying personal creative aspirations.

Family sessions, models, engagements, airplanes, sunsets, high school seniors, businessmen, snow and birds.  88,200 photos in all in 2014, and here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):savannah-EAS_7404-X2 air7-MEG_6880-X2 saratoris-SAR_7544-X2 2014 Pro Shots2-001 2014 Pro Shots1-004 2014 Pro Shots1-003 2014 Pro Shots-007 2014 Pro Shots9 shonafelt-MEG_8068-X2

secret_spot_swirl carlyezara-BAJ_5217-XL Downloads7 afterxmas-MEG_1848-XL harlans-GAR_5539-XL Downloads3 kite_rainbow Downloads4 springfield-IMG_7627-XL 2014 Pro Shots11 rebeccajames-MEG_7838-X2 gracom-VAL_9157-X2 tingle-HUE_8116-X2 casswell-FIS_0946-X2 wolfecallanta-AMY_3181-X2 familiesoct14-AMY_1193-X2 casswell-FIS_0819-X2

springfield-IMG_7589-X2occaquan-GAR_6749-XL familiesoct14-AMY_0895-X2 familiesoct14-AMY_1041-X2 family-FIS_0536-X2 colton-LID_2394-X2 wccgala-MEG_8985-X2 oscar-SAR_7779-X2 air7-meg_1244-plane4-sunnysky-X2 novminis-MEG_7539-X2 wccgala-MEG_9092-X2 saratoris-SAR_7583-X2 tinadean-EAS_5849-X2 rebeccajames-MEG_7893-X2

occaquan-GAR_6686-XL 2014 Pro Shots6-001 2014 Pro Shots5-001 2014 Pro Shots3-002 2014 Pro Shots-001 grace-compcard-updated 2014 Pro Shots4-001 DylanJackson novminis-MEG_6977-X2 fallon-MEG_6624-X2

springfield-IMG_7521-X2 aisley-EAS_6865-X2 rebeccajames-MEG_7923-X2 gracom-MEG_5906-X2 novminis-MEG_7108-X2 fallon-MEG_6816-X2 larson-GAE_0103-X2 family-FIS_0668-X2 solomon-FIS_0282-X2 whitlock-EAS_7637-X2 colton-LID_2377-X2 ortiz-LID_4120-X2 driveway-HUE_8266-X2 2014 Pro Shots2-002 2014 Pro Shots52014 Pro Shots12 2014 Pro Shots10 novminis-MEG_7367-X2 rodriguez-MEG_6476-X2 2014 Pro Shots2

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