April is a fitness model and competitor for National Physique Committee Bikini division and has worked hard for the body she is proud to show off.

I’ve known April longer than I’ve known my wife, and we’ve been discussing some fitness photos for some time now.  Finally she was back near competition form, and the scheduled matched up and we made it happen late at night.  I chose a black background because I wanted a dramatic look.  She was ready for action and I was ready to play.

To get the sweaty, glossy look, I also used a 60/40 solution of water/glycerin.  It worked pretty good, and after I started seeing the results, started relying on it more and more.  These are almost straight out of the camera.


If you or someone you know is interested in fitness photos, please let me know.  I have black, gray and white backgrounds and all the lights and modifiers needed for these dramatic looks.


april-EAS_6406-X3 april-EAS_6443-X2 april-EAS_6516-X2 april-EAS_6530-X2 2014 Pro Shoots2 2014 Pro Shoots april-EAS_6498-X2 2014 Pro Shoots6 2014 Pro Shoots4 2014 Pro Shoots1 april-eas_6567 2014 Pro Shoots3 2014 Pro Shoots7 2014 Pro Shoots5


April also runs a few health and nutrition stores in Ventura County called and you should absolutely check them out.

Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested in doing fitness photos.

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  1. Bricela Meza

    Hello my name is Bricela Meza
    I am looking for a great photographer to take some fitness shoots for me as I get closer to my competition date. I would like to know where exactly you are located and talk about pricing. Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon!

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