Christina & Yusuf were married at the famous CBS Radford Studios Back Lot where Seinfeld was filmed.

One things photographers enjoy is a new challenge.  Many brides like choosing a photographer who has done a venue many times because they think they’re familiar with it and it will help them get better photos there (it won’t).  But as a photograph, I can tell you doing new venues is always exciting.  The act of exploring, predicting light and dealing with all the unexpected at a new venue.  It’s what keeps us fresh and excited to do our jobs.  So when I was contacted by Christina & Yusuf to photograph their wedding at a Hollywood backlot, I was more than excited.  Then I come to find out it’s on “New York Street” where they filmed the majority of the outdoor portions of Seinfeld.  What’s the deal with that??????

The day came, and it was everything I expected.  A couple of close-knit families coming together to celebrate their love in a cozy Hollywood backlot with all the production you’d expect.  And I, with no assistants, took full advantage of it by roaming around, having full access to the fake buildings and lot, and got plenty of variety.

The night closed by dancing in the street.  I’m not sure it gets any better than that.  Oh, unless George came in boasting about his amazing parking spot in front of the hospital…

chrissyyusuf-LID_2747-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_2756-X2 Christina & Yusuf chrissyyusuf-LID_2769-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_2806-X2 Christina & Yusuf1 Christina & Yusuf2 chrissyyusuf-LID_2996-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3139-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3143-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3155-X2 Christina & Yusuf3 Christina & Yusuf4 Christina & Yusuf5 chrissyyusuf-LID_3270-X2 Christina & Yusuf6 chrissyyusuf-LID_3603-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3616-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3618-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3594-X2 Christina & Yusuf8 chrissyyusuf-LID_3542-X2  chrissyyusuf-LID_2955-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3365-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3359-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3030-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3711-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3717-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3733-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3857-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3861-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3789-X2

chrissyyusuf-LID_3802-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3781-X2 chrissyyusuf-LID_3772-X2 Christina & Yusuf13 chrissyyusuf-LID_3871-X2 Christina & Yusuf11 chrissyyusuf-LID_3900-X2 Christina & Yusuf10 Christina & Yusuf12 Christina & Yusuf9

Congrats Chrissy & Yusuf.  I hope your Hollywood beginning has a Hollywood ending.


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