Calamigos Ranch provided the perfect location for Kaylee and Micheal’s dream outdoor wedding.

I’ve known Kaylee through church since she was a teenager, and while she and her husband are just past those years of their lives, both are college graduates, moving to the east coast and ready to begins their lives together.

They asked me to be their wedding photographer back in 2012 and I was probably just as excited as they were to photograph their wedding.  But first, back in late 2012, I did their engagement photos, also at Calamigos Ranch in Agoura Hills, Ca

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So as you can see they are not only an attractive couple, but TOTALLY in love and fun-loving and up for anything.  And that’s exactly how their wedding played out…


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They didn’t want to see each other before walking down the isle, but we did build a little time in for them to secretly hold hands and do a ‘first touch’ just before walking down the isle.

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Then the bride did a ‘first look’ to her father, who got all choked up.  Her dad Jeff is the teen pastor at church

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And then minutes later, it was go-time

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And then all the formal photos were done, a huge party broke out…

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I feel so blessed not only because I was able to capture their wedding, but because I get to call them both friends. They are currently traveling through Europe making everyone jealous, as they should be.   I can’t wait to see how your marriage and lives progress, thank you for allowing me to capture the beginning of this journey for you.

Special thanks to the following vendors who I’m also friends with, and also happen to be the very best in the industry:

DJ:  Bruce Barrios –

Wedding Planner:  Cari with All Occasions Event Planning –

Wedding Dress:  Camarillo Bridal –

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