Marissa & Mark are a powerful couple in Hollywood, each leaders in their particular industry.  They found me via a mutual contact at Getty Images.  Their wedding was something special.  Amazing floral arrangement, perfect beach-front location and the best-of-the best when it came to videographer, food, DJ, coordinator, lighting and everything else.  My goal was to capture these details as well as the context of their beach wedding.  It sure doesn’t hurt that each of them could be catalog models.

The Annenberg Community Beach House has a long history in the area.  Renovated and being professionally run for events such as this, the staff were more than helpful and courteous in allowing me access to the Marion Davies Guest House and the entire grounds.  We were blessed with amazing weather, good-natured guests and a bride & groom who couldn’t keep their eyes off each other

I hope your marriage continues to be as beautiful and loving as the wedding.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it!


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