The one thing you’re getting with me is personality.  Seen it all, done it all.  For 5 years I did improv and stand-up comedy in Hollywood which has allowed me to use my personality to adapt to a wide variety of people. Be it stress, drama, fatigue, exuberance or intimidating, I’ve dealt with all sorts of people and have the personality to accommodate it and still get great photos.


My goal is to make you feel like a guest at your own wedding. The photos I capture reflect truly organic candid moments, emotion, energy, details, people, places and things. My main job is to capture what is happening. But when that doesn’t happy, I also have the willingness to create shots which aren’t happening by themselves by naturally posing people or doing what it takes to better a photo.


Headshots, high school seniors, glamour shots, family photos and even photos of your dog Scruffy are important to me.  I work with you to select a location and a time that takes full advantage of the subjects to make them appear normal, happy and even life-like!  Always open to suggestions, but ultimately I will help guide you to the best portraits possible.  

My photos bleed color. I do black and white as well, but when color adds to a photo, I keep it in there. For years I have traveled the globe and done landscape photos which complements the weddings I do by being able to provide a location context to the event. No need having a wedding in Italy if the photos don’t look like they were in Italy. Or the beach or open field or whatever location you determine.

I love what I do and as you can see I’ve done a lot of different sorts of photo shoots. Let me know how I can serve you.

Me in 1964, about a decade before I was born.

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