I’m a normal guy in my 30s.  I live in the suburbs with my wife and two kids.  I thought life was good until I clicked on one of those stories about a life-changing situation someone experienced only to find out it had nothing to do with my life at all.

One day I decided to jump into a snow bank.  That’s about the most interesting thing I’ve ever done.  And some guy from Canada watched me.


Photo Credit:  Allan Hummler, 1997

Pretty neat photo, right?  But now that you’ve seen it, has it changed your life?  Has it given you a renewed outlook on international relations with Canada?  Do you feel less spiteful against snow?  No.  It’s just a photo of me doing something odd.  It has no value-add to your life.

One day I decided to monitor my Facebook feed and found 17 different stories with these obnoxious “Click Bait” titles which never really tell you anything at all.  It usually contains a innocent person doing something normal and results in “Something Amazing” or “Changed the way we think about kitchen appliances” or “and you’ll never guess what he found up his nose” or “and it brought the celery industry to their knees“.  So I did what was expected, I clicked on every single one.  I read the stories.  I saw the videos.  Sure I smirked.  I smiled.  And then I went back to what I was doing.

The next morning, I evaluated my life after reading these AMAZING stories and came to these conclusions:

1. I’m not smarter

2. I didn’t learn anything

3. I added no recipes to my kitchen

4. I saved no one’s life

5. I’m not healthier

6. I don’t sleep better

7. I forgot the names of all those people involved

8. Bacon is still the best tasting thing in the world


My life is exactly the same as it was.  While the people whose lives were affected in the story were blessed with a surprise, or a life-changing situation, it’s all just fluff to the average person.  It’s as beneficial as watching cartoons, chewing gum, or feeding your cat purified drinking water. While there is some solace found in those moments of reading expecting a SURPRISE ending, the endings are usually endearing and sweet and nice.  After the 30 second read we usually say, “good for them”.  And then back to our new feed.

I do know I probably contributed about $0.40 to those websites from click-through revenue however.  So perhaps in a small way I added to small business commerce.   Good for them.

So I will no longer click on ANY of that obnoxious click-bait NOR share it on Facebook.  Instead I’d much rather hear about your day, see photos of your kids, discuss what you had for dinner and hear about what you are doing to change your life and be an inspiration to those around you.  If something amazing did happen to you, perhaps blog it with a catchy title…

John Mueller – Camarillo, Ca

PS. thanks for reading my rant.  I made $0.00 by you clicking here, and I’m okay with that.


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