I don’t just photograph weddings and sunsets.  Most of the time during the week I’m photographing other kind of portraits.  Maternity, families, fashion, headshots, engagements, kids, cars, drone photos, etc.  But I really love capturing high school seniors.  The ability to capture someone in a major transition of their life and watch them don sport new clothes and transform into an adult is amazing.  Parents can see their hard work and dedication to their kids come to fruition as their cute, dirty, silly kid becomes an adult before their very eyes.  They have personality, poise, attitude, opinions and style.  Great senior photos capture all that, and give a glimpse of the results of all the parents hard work.


Here are a few samples of high school seniors that I’ve captured over the past few years alone.  A question I frequently get asked is what to wear for senior portraits.  You don’t want to come off too sexy, but certainly more than a 13yo kid in sweat pants.  So here are some examples of all sorts


jbm-6948-X2 2015-09-1018 2015-09-1017 carlye-COL_2755-X2 carlye-BEC_9278-X2 2015-09-101 2015-09-104 2015-09-103 carlye-COL_2628-X2 carlye-COL_2665-X2 jbm-KEL_1023-X2 2015-09-1015 2015-09-1016 2015-09-102 2015-09-1026 2015-09-1027 jbm-WLV_0321-X2 jbm-WLV_0160-X2 jbm-BOW_0605-X2 2015-09-10 2015-09-109 2015-09-1029 2015-09-1028 2015-09-1021 travis-CAR_9428-X2 travis-CAR_9491-X2 2015-09-105 bri-DSC_5126-X2 bri-DSC_4856-X2 bri-DSC_4983-X2 carina_jumping-1-X2 bri-DSC_4711-X2 jbm-SAP_4096-X2 carina_lance_sunset-X2 jeremiah-OLS_4928-X2 2015-09-1013 2015-09-1012 2015-09-1034 2015-09-1014 2015-09-1031 2015-09-1033 2015-09-1023 2015-09-106 2015-09-1011 2015-09-1025 2015-09-1020 2015-09-1019 2015-09-1022 2015-09-107 2015-09-1010 2015-09-1030 2015-09-108 2015-09-1032

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